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Top Concepts Learned By Children In Preschool

When your child goes to preschool, they may seem like they just play all day and eat a snack and come home with some cute coloring pages for you to look at but this is hardly the case at all. There is really a lot of educational experiences that go on in the preschool setting. When you take a look at the average preschool curriculum, you will find that there are some really interesting concepts that are taught by the teachers of preschool age children. Here are some of the top concepts that you can expect your child to learn while they are going to preschool.

Letter Recognition

One of the first things that they will start to work on is letter recognition. This means that when they see a letter they will be able to tell you what it is. Teachers start this early, and usually focus on one or two letters per week. They will learn all about different things that start with that particular letter, and the children may even practice writing some of the letters each week. This may be a bit more advanced for some children, but the teachers get them to at least try it out. Some teachers may even let the children bring something from home that starts with the particular letter to show the class.

Numbers and Counting

That’s right, your preschooler will start to learn the basics of mathematics. While it just starts out with learning how to recognize numbers, by the end of the school year they will likely be counting. Some teachers will start by having them count out using their fingers, then they may introduce objects such as blocks to help them count as well. They may even learn simple basics of addition such as one plus one equals two. Talk to your child’s preschool teacher to see how in depth they will get with the math and numbers.

Colors and Shapes

Another thing that you can expect your child to learn is all about the basic colors and shapes. This does not mean that they will learn some of the more difficult colors and shapes, but you can bet that they will be familiar with red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, white, pink, brown, etc. They will also be familiar with circles, squares, triangles and possibly even rectangles. These are just the common shapes that they will learn to gain a basic understanding of shape.

Social Skills

Aside from great curriculum, they will also learn basic concepts that come along with social skills. This means that your child will learn how to talk with others and communicate in a friendly manner. They will also learn to be respectful and how to share. These social concepts are very important, especially as your child starts to get older and gets ready to go to kindergarten. Don’t let your child miss out on this important learning experience. Look for a preschool in your area today.

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